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If I Won a Million Dollars...

This week, the Adult Education Program (AEP) weekly writer workshop chose the topic: "If you won a million dollars and could not use it for your family or yourself, what would you use the money for to help your community?" We received many beautiful responses.

Here are three stellar examples:

Lamont Spencer wrote:

Lamont Spencer

If I won a million dollars I will go and buy all of the housing that is abandoned in Trenton. I would renovate all of them so I can make affordable houses for all of the homeless, and needy. This would bring back the community and I hope that it will bring the community together.

Trenton has too many abandoned houses. With a million dollars, I will buy up the houses that need renovation. I will gut out the houses, and make all new bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. I will make sure each house is handicap accessible. Every house would be central-air equipped. I will make sure every house has a security system.

I want each community to have services for the kids to keep them off the streets. Every community would have a recreation center with basketball, arts programs, computer classes, job training, and afterschool programs.

I will have a community watch program. There will be a block president, who will set up a block party in the summer. We would have a community fair with little shops and tables that the community can rent to sell their own items. I would give each house money each year for being good tenants.

I would feel real good if I could win a million dollars and make my dreams of a better Trenton come to reality. I would love to show people who really need help that there is someone out there who does care.

Augustine Broleph wrote:

Augustine Broleph

If I was to win a million dollars, I would use it for the betterment of my country, Liberia. My initial project would be to build a hospital. My second project would be to build a school. Last, but not least, my third project would be to build a park.

When a new hospital is built to help the community, it will help ease other overcrowded hospitals. The patients will be able to get quality healthcare at a discounted price. I will be working with drug companies to give the hospital discounted prices on medicines. I will do this to help poor people.

My second project is to build a private school where everyone is welcome, regardless of economic class. The school will be run by educators not politicians. The school will be a haven for all that want to learn. I also hope to have afterschool activities for the children. My vision is to have a highly educated population.

My third project would be to build an area where families can go to enjoy recreational activities. Slides, swings, seesaws, sand pits, and a lot of trees planted.

Everyone enjoy the facilities.

Quaddus Jenkins wrote:

Quaddus Jenkins

If I won a million dollars?! I will build a community center for all the kids to help them build a better life for themselves, and to keep them out of trouble and off the streets.

Also, I will build a Trenton PAL center for kids that have talent and a gift to sing, cook, or the love to invent things in life, and to give them a chance to achieve that goal, at least a chance to experiment with their goals.

I will also help the homeless people that want to get off the street and want to better their livelihood and give them the ability to work for themselves, and teach them how to manage their money, also their livelihood to keep them off the street and to not fall back into their homeless state of mind again.

So if I won that money this is what will do for the community.

Congratulations to all the students on their beautiful essays!

If you would like to become a tutor in our Adult Education Program, please contact Kelly Hansen, Adult Education Coordinator at or (609) 695-5456 x 107.

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