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Hello and welcome to “eTASK”!

At long last, the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen (TASK) has harnessed the cost-effective, environmentally-friendly power of the web to keep supporters like you up-to-date on the things going on at the soup kitchen.

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TASK Meal Count Increasing

For the past 27 years, the TASK meal count has been increasing. In 2008, we saw a five percent increase over the prior year. If this trend continues, we will serve 193,000 meals this year.

New and Improved Website

Our new and improved website is up and running! It’s got a whole new layout and links to find TASK on myspace and facebook.

Please check it out at www.trentonsoupkitchen.org.

Profile of a TASK Adult Education Program (AEP) student

Laird lived in Newark, NJ, for most of his life before moving to Trenton about two years ago. He came looking for a better job. He worked in a local department store for a while and was offered another job at a different store with more hours and higher pay. The second job had fallen through after he left the first, so he turned to Mercer County Board of Social Services for guidance.

He enthusiastically took the offer to continue his education and volunteer at TASK. Laird spends about 30 hours each week at TASK, helping serve meals and clean the dining room during lunch and dinner and studying for his GED during the tutoring sessions in between meals. He took the test two months ago and passed most of it, but he is just a few points shy of passing the writing and math sections.

Laird dropped out of high school after completing the 9th grade. At the time, he was struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. After a few years, he grew tired of that lifestyle and worked hard to clean himself up. “I’m looking past that now,” Laird says positively. “God has much more in store for me…TASK is my lifeline. It’s supporting me, keeping me healthy and well. I’m grateful for it.”

“I’m able to get the help here that I was not able to get on my own. I’m focused now. I’m no longer using drugs and alcohol and I don’t intend to ever again.”

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