It’s Official! September 12 is Hunger Action Day

TRENTON –  The City of Trenton and the New Jersey Legislature issued proclamations at the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen (TASK) earlier today, acknowledging the local fight against hunger and food insecurity while marking a first-time dual tribute to national Hunger Action Month – an awareness campaign spotlighting the issue throughout the U.S. In an effort to […]

September is National Hunger Action Month

Every morning on my way to work, I stop by my local newspaper shop to grab a cup of coffee. Like many other working Americans, it’s part of my morning routine: run into the shop, prepare my coffee and get in line. When it’s my turn to pay I quickly hand the cashier $4 and […]

TASK Meals Change Lives

Todd Jackson, a 57-year-old Trenton native found himself at TASK’s door after his release from county jail. He was struggling to find work and with no prospect of an income, he could not afford to buy food. After hearing about TASK through word of mouth – as many of our patrons do – he came […]