A letter from Ron

This entry was written by Ron Walton, a student in the Adult Education Program who earned his GED last year. 


Growing up in Trenton and seeing first hand what the streets can do to you has shown me a way of life I’ve become accustomed to living, but after changing my life direction and coming to TASK it has allowed me to experience another way to enjoy life. We’ve been doing doing things that make my life worth livin’. TASK has a way of making people feel like family, it’s a family inside of a family.

The people behind the scenes who make life happen inside TASK are doing GOD’S work. After going to see the symphony “play” it made me see life differently. I truly want to thank the people who make life happen for those who are less fortunate.

After being a part of TASK and doing things that people do to have real fun I’m truly grateful and my prayers are that they continue to help those that want help and that they continue to show people like me a better way to live.  



Ron Walton