A Vicious Cycle: TASK Helps Patrons Obtain IDs, Despite Challenges

TASK Case Manager Whitney Hendrickson knows all too well how important identification is to TASK patrons. In one case, a patron told her that his ID saved his life. “He told me the cops were going to arrest him,” Hendrickson recalls. “He said, ‘I probably would have died or got sent back to prison. But […]

“No” Is Not An Option

It is often the most challenging moments in life that offer the greatest opportunities for growth.  Back in March 2020, when COVID-19 forced TASK to shut down in-person service at its Escher Street dining room, it was hard to believe anything positive could come out of pandemic. Immediately, it was clear that TASK had to […]

2021 Community Impact Report

Read our 2021 Community Impact Report here to see how YOU made an impact on TASK: