Food by Elaine Lambert

Food is something that we all need to keep our bodies well nourished, healthy, and strong. It is an essential part of our daily lives. Without it, our lives would be at risk.

I have always loved to eat, but sometimes I make unhealthy choices in my selection of foods. For example at times I might eat too many carbohydrates and sweets. My doctor informed me that I was at the borderline for diabetes; therefore, I need to make some changes in my diet, changing my diet isn’t easy because eating sweets is a weakness that I have trouble overcoming.

I have a good appetite, but sometimes I find myself eating because food is in my presence and I can’t resist it.

Not only do I have bad eating habits, but also there are many people around me, mainly family members who do also. Their diets are unbalanced and they’re constantly overeating. Persistent overeating isn’t good for anyone. It could lead to Diabetes in adults and children.

We all should eat no more than three well balanced meals per day and perhaps a healthy fruit snack. If we aren’t sure of what we should be eating and how much, a nutritionist can be consulted to give assistance.

I see far too many children having sugary drinks, cakes, or cookies for breakfast. All of these things are bad for them because they increase hyperactivity and, over time, lead to obesity. Obesity can lead to chronic health problems.

There are many foods that are not bad for us to eat, if they’re eaten in moderation. I have to be mindful of what I eat and not overindulge. Some foods that I shouldn’t eat can be replaced with other foods that are just as satisfying.

If I and others follow through on this important information we can be healthier and perhaps prevent chronic conditions from occurring.