September is Hunger Action Month

At TASK – September is a BIG Deal

Each September, TASK joins soup kitchens and food banks from across America in a nation-wide push to raise awareness about the millions of people who experience hunger and food insecurity and encourages the community to take action.

To make things easy, we put together a “30 Ways in 30 Days” calendar to provide several opportunities for you to act and turn hunger into hope

Whether you make a donation, volunteer time, join our conversation on social media, or tell a friend, there are plenty of ways you can help TASK make a difference – find the right way that works for you!



Make a financial contribution that will provide food. Any amount will help!


Help package meals, make food bags or wrap utensil.

To volunteer please contact or (609) 695-5456 ext. 114

Like Us

Join the conversation and connect with TASK on social media and help spread the word. @TASKsoupkitchen

Get TASK’s calendar for 30 easy ways you can take action against hunger in your community.


Whether you’re a business, school, place of worship or nonprofit, there are plenty of ways you can partner with TASK to make a difference feeding those in our community.


TASK relies on the generosity of the community to keep food on our tables and help folks get back on their feet.

Have a unique idea that’s not on the list?

We’d love to hear your idea! Contact our volunteer office at (609) 695 5456 ext. 100 or email because teamwork makes our dream work.

Other Ways to Give

Donate by Phone

Call (609) 695-5456 &

speak with us personally

TASK’s In-Kind Wishlist

From food to shampoo, TASK is always in need of supplies to help our patrons. Donate items on our Wishlist