Lots of Disease and Health Issues by Darrell Blake

The following three essays were written by students in our Adult Education Program. Under the theme of food, students were asked to write about a memory of food, health issues associated with food, issues with access to food, or the role that food plays in an individual’s life. 


In our community of Trenton, New Jersey, there are many diseases and health issues. Many people suffer with obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, allergies, and heart disease. I think that many of them come from unhealthy eating.

I see people eating lots of fried or fatty food. People use too much salt and sugar. Several people drink a lot of alcohol. In addition, people don’t exercise.

Why aren’t they eating well? People are living in poverty and don’t always have access to nutritious, affordable food. Maybe they don’t have transportation. Within walking distance there are not many choices.

People don’t get enough exercise because they work long hours or maybe it is because they watch too much television. Sometimes folks just sit around the house. They need to realize that they are just being lazy.

Mercer County is fortunate because we have Food Stamps, the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen, and food pantries. Churches could help more people by providing food and information about nutrition.