May is National Pet Month – A Time to Appreciate Our “Fur-Babies”

MAY IS NATIONAL PET MONTH, so we thought we’d share photos and a quick tale about how pets make our lives better and visa-versa. So, let me tell you a little bit about my dog Starr; she’s a talker. I cringe every time she barks during a Zoom work meeting.



With so many people working from home to help slow the spread of COVID-19, it’s likely the uninvited barking dog has or will join your meeting at least once at some point. But there is a flip side to having your favorite pet by your side during the stressful workday. Research shows that the human-animal bond can relieve anxiety and other symptoms of stress. That’s what I think happened during a recent Zoom call. The meeting was going longer than expected, running into my next appointment, making me a little anxious. As I sighed and shifted in my seat, the normally chatty Starr quietly perched her front legs on the arm of my chair and nuzzled my shoulder – an act that shamelessly solicited “awwwhhhs” from colleagues, and immediately dropped my stress level. So, I gather – at least for me – the research holds true, and for that I give Starr my thanks.

We know there are only two days left in the month, but that is more than enough time to show your fur baby appreciation for all they do for you and your family. Lavish them with a little extra love and join TASK in the celebration of our beloved companions with a photo post of your pet. And if you don’t have a pet, consider adoption. You might have to mask a barrage of barking with a lunge for the mouse to mute your mic during a tele-meeting , but your life could be changed for the better, forever.

toniheadshot-Toni Callas, TASK staffer and pet parent to Starr