My Life As A Student

In TASK’s Adult Education Program, students have the opportunity to strengthen reading, writing and public speaking skills through TASK’s weekly creative writing class.  During a recent session, one patron wrote a heartwarming story about her experience as a student.  Congratulations Kathy and thank you for letting us share your story!

Kathy Fink (18)

My Life As A Student

By Kathleen Fink

Written May 22, 2018

I enjoyed school as a child in elementary school, but years after that something happened and I lost the joy and confidence it took to be a student.

When my mom passed away, I was 12 years old. Besides being devastated losing my mom, I was moved into my sister’s home. This was a terrible experience for me.  Even though I was allowed to go to the same Trenton School, Jr 2, my feelings about education changed. Being hungry and embarrassed, I couldn’t concentrate or find any comfort in the studies I used to love. At 16, I dropped out of school and then moved to my brother’s house where I felt safe, but so much damage was already done.

My life was not easy as an adult and from a young age many problems occurred. One of those problems was drugs. For a short time, drugs helped me forget the pain, but then I started looking for that joy I used to loved and decided to change, and continue my life as a student.

Now I’m back in school at TASK. It’s been a great and wonderful experience for me. I am going to keep doing what is best for my life going to school and working hard to get my G.E.D.