My Life Story

This essay was written by Michelle Miller, a student in TASK’s Adult Education Program and a performing artist with The Share Project.

My name is Michelle Miller. I’ve been living in Trenton for about 40 years. My life has changed a lot since I moved here from Camden in 1983.

My life in Camden was beautiful until my baby’s father cheated in our relationship. So that’s when I decided to move to Trenton. I was left alone with my three-year-old daughter, trying to figure out where I was going to live and how to support my daughter and me.

I moved in with one of my sisters, but things did not turn out right. I love my sister, but she was too strict and controlling. That’s when I moved in with two other siblings. That was another mistake. I love all my sisters dearly, but we can not live together.

Not being able to live with my siblings, my daughter and I became homeless. I had to lower my standards, swallow my pride, and move to a shelter. It was very difficult for me – dealing with different rules, not being able to cook, wash clothes, and support my child.

We became homeless when Nicole was 7 ½. My life improved when I finally got a job in janitorial services. Once Nicole was grown up, she went into the Army. She and her family live on the base in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

My daughter gave me two beautiful grandkids. My granddaughter Nicki is 7 years old, and my grandson James is five years old. When I talk to my grandkids over the phone, from what they say to me, they are very smart and I am very proud of both of them, just like my daughter tells me she is proud of her mother for being in school trying very hard to get my G.E.D.

Now that I have talked about my life from being homeless, I just want to say that homelessness is nothing to play with. So if you ever become homeless, keep your head up and the good lord will be there for you always and forever.

Michelle Miller is a student in TASK's Adult Education Program and a Performing Artist with The Share Project.

Michelle Miller is a student in TASK’s Adult Education Program and a Performing Artist with The Share Project.