My Memory of Food by Igee M. Reed

My favorite memory of food when growing up was when my mom and dad would cook for me. During my childhood, my parents were on food stamps but they were able to manage and to provide for my brother and me very well. Both of my parents were great cooks and we couldn’t wait for dinner. They would cook food such as neck bones, chicken rice, carrots, string beans with chopped onions, soups, and my favorite butter cheese biscuits.


I remember this time very well because it was the time that I ate healthy and nutritious food, which kept me fit. I lost over one hundred pounds while eating healthy and working out on my old-fashioned exercise bike. During that time I was only 150 pounds, I was eating healthy and had the power to do anything. This weight loss allowed me to buy my first pair of skinny jeans that were ROCAWEAR brand, which I matched with a nice hooded jacket. It also provided me with high self-esteem and motivated me to do better in life. At that time I had a good job and made a lot of friends. I also had two beautiful pit bulls that I walked every day for two hours around my neighborhood.


After my parents passed away, I gained a lot of weight, which was attributed to not eating healthy anymore. Because it is so easy to go to a fast food restaurant, I stopped cooking healthy food. , As a consequence, in 2012 I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. Both diabetes and obesity are a big problem in our society today. As I mentioned before, it is because there is such easy access to greasy, fattening, and poor quality foods that are much cheaper than healthy foods. As such, people who are not rich tend to eat unhealthily.


In last few months, I have been working on changing my bad eating habits by attending nutrition and diabetes groups, which help a lot with understanding healthy food choices. In addition, by eating healthy and eliminating sugar from my diet, my diabetes is well controlled. At this point, I am also on food stamps, which allows me to go to local food markets and purchase foods that are better and healthier than McDonalds and other chain restaurants. With help from my nutritionist and endocrinologist, as well as having access to local food stories (like ShopRite or farmer’s market), I can work on my health issues.