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There is a place where people wake up hungry in the morning and go to bed hungry at night. These people are our neighbors. The place they live is called Trenton.

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Thanksgiving Essays 2010

On November 24th, students in the TASK Adult Education Program (AEP) were assigned the task of writing an essay about Thanksgiving. Here are a few essays:

Thanksgiving Memories by Loretta

Loretta Butler

Thanksgiving memories for me were fun, warm, and loving. Most of the cooking my mom did every year.

It was one Thanksgiving that I can remember as if it were yesterday. It was my first Thanksgiving married and trying to prepare Thanksgiving dinner for my husband.

I have to tell you that I had to call dear mom for some advice and recipes. Everything was going smoothly, ham, peas, greens, biscuits all were done.

Now my biggest challenge was making the sweet potato pies! I had said early my mom gave me the recipe for what I would need for the pies. As I was starting to mix the ingredients I pulled out the mixer and to my surprise sweet potato was all over the wall. I had the speed on the mixer to high. So what was left of them we had a pie but it wasn't nowhere near how my mom makes her's.

In closing: Thanksgiving to me is being grateful for what you have and what you don't. So this Thanksgiving, I'm truly thankful to God that I am able to be here this Thanksgiving and that mom will be baking the pies.

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Memories by Lamont

Lamont Spencer

My best Thanksgiving memory is from November 2009. I got to be with my family for the first time in a long while. The reason is when I was a little boy I was placed in foster care.

In November 2009 I was reunited with my brothers, sisters, and mother. We got together because my mother's doctor informed us that our mother did not have much time left. So we decided to make her last Thanksgiving the best ever.

My brother, Jazz, brought our mother from New York to celebrate at my house. My sisters and I prepared the Thanksgiving feast. We fixed turkey, ham, collard greens, potato salad, sweet potato pie, and all the extra fixings. It was a special Thanksgiving for our mom.

Thanksgiving Memories by Sohier

Sohier Sherief

Two years ago, Thanksgiving was especially meaningful for me. I have seven children and six grandchildren who live as far away as Boston. Because we only see each other twice a year, this holiday is very important for my family.

All my children contribute towards the Thanksgiving meal bringing all their favorite foods and I cook the turkey. We always enjoy our day together, eating delicious food, and sharing laughter and stories around the table. My grandson Noah was very proud to play baseball.

This holiday was different, however. My eldest son Omar brought a lady friend with him. Her name was Dorothy and she was welcome but we didn't know her. As we enjoyed our meal, suddenly Omar stood up and said that he had an announcement to make. We were very surprised and didn't know what to think. He then took Dorothy's hand and told the family that they were going to be married and they told us, "this is my gift for Thanksgiving!" We were all so happy.

After we finished our meal and were relaxing, my grandson Noah asked his uncle Omar to come outside and watch him hit a ball. Noah hit the ball so hard that it hit his uncle Omar. Boy was he surprised!

Now we remember this as the day that I was to gain another daughter and my son gained a black eye!

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