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There is a place where people wake up hungry in the morning and go to bed hungry at night. These people are our neighbors. The place they live is called Trenton.

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TASK Spring Egg Hunt

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On April 6, 2012, TASK closed to the patrons at the regular time at 1 pm. For the next 90 minutes the Princeton Meeting (Society of Friends) and members of the TASK staff set up for the Spring Egg Hunt. The dining room was turned into a play land for kids with stations for specific give away. Each location had someone ready to greet and help the kids.

For the 13th year in a row the Princeton Meeting (Society of Friends) organized the egg hunt, decorated the dining hall and side yard with balloons and cardboard cut outs, and had 2 additional tables with face painting and an arts and crafts table. Princeton Meeting made a cash donation of $2,700.00. They succeeded in making it an amazing day for the children.

The children began to arrive at 1:45 and the fun began. They were each handed a package of tickets and given free range of the dining room.

When the children walked in most of them went straight over to the face painting first. The boys and girls volunteering at the painting station were amazing artists. They were painting everything from whole bunny faces to tattoo hearts on the children’s arms. The other station was an arts and crafts station where a volunteer was making dolls from flowers and the children made bunny masks and drew their own designs on them.

Throughout the afternoon there were a total of 9 egg hunts, and most of the children were able to participate in 2 egg hunts during the event. The volunteers of Princeton Meeting who were working in the side yard loved hiding the eggs. Almost as soon as a group had found all the eggs they were out their hiding them for the next age group of children. The kids were so happy about all the candy and gifts they received and the happiness was all over their faces.

The Robbinsville-Hamilton Washington Sunrise Rotary Club also helped out with all the fun. The group donated children’s books in both English and Spanish and had volunteers help out at the book station. Finally, many members of the TASK staff joined the excitement. There were some at the different giveaway stations.

One of the best parts of the day was when the Easter Bunnies made a special appearance at TASK. This year, Princeton Meeting brought an additional Easter Bunny suit, so that we could have 2 bunnies. One was on the inside to take pictures with the children, and the other bunny stayed on the outside with the actual Egg Hunt.

During the spring event, the children traded each ticket for a different prize. They received a toy or stuffed animal, a choice of cupcakes or cookies, one lunch bag, and a choice of 2 books. The children loved their gifts and all of the attention they were receiving from all of the volunteers. J Steinhauer took pictures of the festivities to put up on the website. Other kids picked out their books and could not put them down.

This year, there were a lot less children than past years. (Sixty-six kids attended this year’s Egg Hunt as opposed to 103 children last year.) Because of the reduced attendance, each child was able to more attention and time at each station. There was no over rowdiness or crowded lines.

TASK Spring Egg Hunt

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By LEE SEGLEM, Member of TASK Board of Trustees


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