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TASK Adult Education Program Learns on the Delaware

On Tuesday, August 9th, the TASK Adult Education Program (AEP) took a trip down the Delaware River on the "floating classroom and nonprofit organization" called SPLASH (for Student Participation in Learning Aquatic Science & History).

The students enjoyed a two hour tour on SPLASH, a replica of a local 1880 steamboat, learning about the marine life on the river as well as the history of the area.

Click this link to read an article about the trip by News Columnist Kate Fratti.

Here are some student essays about the experience:

(Rollin’ on the River…) Delaware River Steamboat Trip by Tony Usery

In Plain Sight Cover

On the morning of August 3, 2011 myself, and a group of other students departed TASK for an outing of fun & learning…on a steamboat trip on the Delaware River.

We reached our destination at the Lambertville Boat Launch and were warmly greeted by a really nice & courteous group of people. It was a really nice day…the temperature shifting from sunny & cool to warm & overcast. I myself found the outing to be fun…and informative.

Many of the things about the canal history I knew from years ago. How they were constructed…mostly by hand by Irish immigrants. Can you believe it? A canal that’s almost about 100 miles long totally dug by hand…no steamshovels…no bulldozers…no dump-trucks…just shovels & pick axes…horse drawn carriages. And what did they get paid? Maybe nothing at all…or perhaps very, very little…maybe room & board & some meals of bread & gruel…

We learned about the steamboat itself…how it actually runs by steam…piston driven…and runs at a top speed of 5mph…a leisurely pace.

We learned about the ecology of the river and how through many, many, years it has helped the people & businesses on both sides of the river to survive…and still does today. I myself enjoyed the journey & the knowledge acquired from it. It was fun. Looking forward to more good trips in the future! Thank you to all involved in the setting it up for the students.

Note about the canals:

If those canals were “hand constructed” today, in modern times all workers involved would have to be paid… top dollar!! And nothing less!!

D.R. Steamboat Trip by Randy Wimbush

In Plain Sight Cover

On Tuesday, August 9th, we took a field trip to the Delaware River. We traveled by car to the Lambertville boat dock. We took a ride on a steam-powered paddle boat called SPLASH.

We learned about the history of the river and its canals. We learned how the steam is created. They light diesel fuel under the boiler. The heat causes the steam. The speed of the boat is only 5mph, so we didn’t go far.

It was a good ride and the weather was nice.

Delaware River Steamboat Trip by Thomas Manion

In Plain Sight Cover

On August 9, 2011 I went on a trip to Lambertville to take a ride on a steamboat down the Delaware River. We left the soup kitchen on a sunny morning. I rode with Rich to Lambertville and back. When we got there we met the people who ran the steamboat then we walked down a path to the boat dock and there was the boat. It was red, white, and blue. It had a big red paddle on the back of it. When we got on it there were three different places to sit. You had the upper deck to sit or you had the bow to sit and you had the lower deck to sit. On lower deck, you had the engine that a lot of heat came off of. I sat on the lower deck and then we went to the upper deck and then to the bow. There I helped pull up the anchor and we went back to the dock and headed back to the soup kitchen and then it started to rain on the way back.

Click this link to learn more about SPLASH:

Adult Education Program

For more information about our Adult Education Program or to become a volunteer tutor, please contact Kelly Hansen, Adult Education Coordinator at or (609) 695-5456 x 107.

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