Pervis’ Advice: Never Give Up

At the Soup Kitchen I feel like a lot of people have opportunities to join in and take part in things that go on at TASK or in the kitchen or at art events. Everyone had to be wanted to accomplish or work on what the goals they have to achieve in life. Some of the people don’t feel like they are going to achieve anything because they haven’t been in a situation to achieve anything, That’s why we all have to go to school and work and do our best, and don’t beat ourselves up.

Long as we are still here, we are all able to still make it if we keep at it. Sometimes some of us don’t listen to others or listen to ourselves. Everything that we are working on may not come out the way we want it to come out. If we keep at it, we’ll get more than we ask for if we take our time and be patient with ourselves.

I’m feeling like I didn’t get everything that I wanted, but I’m still determined to keep going until I get to that point where I can help myself first and then be there for other people. Because I’m putting in my time into other people, I’m not putting time into myself. I know I came a long way from where I was at in my life and I know where I want to go. I have a lot of help and a lot of compliments and that makes me want to go further than I need to be because I see myself in college as one of the goals that I want to achieve. I want to tell people I did it and I want to feel proud and keep on telling myself that I did it because all my life people have been telling me that I couldn’t do it and putting me down and calling me names. Right now I will not let people run me, because sometimes when you let people run you, you don’t get a chance to do the things that you want to do. Image