Picture of Pervis

The Soup Kitchen by Pervis Upshur

Everyday I come to the soup kitchen I come to meet different people And see different people’s reactions And I come to get help And I come to further my education and learning And to understand things I can’t comprehend But I feel that the soup kitchen is a place For everyone to come and […]

A Bright Place in a Hard City

By Derrick “D9” Branch There is a place out there—a place that would never turn you down.  There is always something there for you and someone to help you get more. This place has opened doors to many opportunities and experiences.  It brings communities and minds together, nourishing not only bodies but the minds, souls, […]

Making it Personal

In retrospect, one of the moments that changed my life forever was meeting a homeless man in NYC named Hugh Souther.  Even fourteen years later I remember the night with relative clarity, and I remember with certainty his full name. I was in college participating in a program called “Midnight Run” that took students from […]