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There is a place where people wake up hungry in the morning and go to bed hungry at night. These people are our neighbors. The place they live is called Trenton.

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Reprinted from A Taste of TASK December 2005

A Mile in Another Man's Shoes, Literally

To watch high school student Abe Kimball leave TASK on a September afternoon, some might say he seemed underdressed. A few heads cocked with curiosity wondering why this young man was leaving the building to drive home in socked feet. The answer is simple. This volunteer's heart is bigger than his need for sneakers.

One of our patrons, Bob, had come to TASK that morning wearing on his feet only the long-awaited clean pair of socks that TASK had given him the day before. Bob, homeless, explained that his shoes had been stolen while he slept outdoors. He came to TASK hoping that we would have a donated pair of shoes that would fit his size 11 feet. He was not in luck. Ann Hamilton, one of our social workers, called local agencies in an attempt to find shoes for Bob, but no one had a pair that would remotely fit this tall man's feet.

In the kitchen, Abe Kimball was just completing the volunteer hours that are part of his curriculum at Conwell- Egan Catholic High School. He heard of Bob's dilemma as he stood in Cathy's front office saying his goodbyes and getting his papers signed. Abe immediately asked Bob his shoe size and offered the size 10 1/2 sneakers from his feet. The shoes fit and Bob was extremely grateful. In this case, the outer sole (or lack thereof) revealed Abe's inner soul.

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In Plain Sight: The Story of TASK

By LEE SEGLEM, Member of TASK Board of Trustees


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