Picture of Pervis

The Soup Kitchen by Pervis Upshur

Everyday I come to the soup kitchen

I come to meet different people

And see different people’s reactions

And I come to get help

And I come to further my education and learning

And to understand things I can’t comprehend

But I feel that the soup kitchen is a place

For everyone to come and eat and talk about

Their problems and get help with different tutors from different schools

And I think that whoever got talent can come into the Share group

Or the FunkTASKics and give they talent that they’re feeling.

Because I feel like some people at the soup kitchen

Don’t feel they got talent because they haven’t been pushed

Or taught or got any help and I also think that it feels

Good to get off your talent around people that give you

Their attention and who want to help

But I like to do poems, and I like to rap

But I’m lookin’ forward to going to college

Because I really do want to see how it feels

To be somewhere where I thought I couldn’t accomplish

But being here at the soup kitchen has helped me

With reading and my talking things out, and working things out

The way that I feel comfortable because I wouldn’t feel comfortable

Around people that want to see me miserable

My whole life I feel like how old I can get I can still learn

Or I can still teach somebody that want my attention

Because everybody has they set-backs in they life

Because they feel like nobody want to help them

But the soup kitchen is a good place to be

Because we all are the same and have the same problems

I like it here and I want to continue on coming here

Because some of the tutors here help me

Jaime helps me, and Jay helps me when I ask him

And Jay and Jaime have support for whoever want

To take part in the FunkTASKics

Everything we do, we got to be good at it

The soup kitchen has good food and they got good people

So when you talk to people there you will get what you looking for

If you give yourself a chance

And I also feel safe here at the soup kitchen because there is a lot

To offer me and there’s a lot to offer everyone else

I wouldn’t doubt nobody

I wouldn’t doubt myself

Everybody goals are here if they want to come and get it.

Picture of Pervis

Pervis Upshur is a student in the TASK Adult Education Program, an performing artist in The Share Project and FunkTASKtiks! band, a TASK volunteer, and a TASK patron.